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Brycemoor Music came to life after Newfoundland housewife Madeline Thomson wrote a beautiful song “Daughter Of Mine” from the viewpoint of her husband giving away his daughter at her wedding.

The lyric so touched music industry veterans Anya Wilson and Larry LeBlanc that they acquired the publishing rights to the song, and arranged for Toronto-based tenor John McDermott to record it.

Madeline’s song became the centerpiece of McDermott’s EP, “Daughter Of Mine” and was later added to the re-release of his multi-platinum “Love Is A Voyage album in 1999.

Thomson had written “Daughter of Mine” in 1993 when her daughter Amanda couldn't find a suitable piece of music to dance to with her father at her wedding.

"We have four daughters, and Amanda was the first girl to get married,” she explains. “I wrote the song through the eyes of her father because weddings are happy, but there's still a lot of mixed emotions going on. Here's his little girl getting married and leaving him, a new man coming into her life."

Thomson recorded the song, and played it at Amanda's wedding. Soon, she was getting requests for it. A CD, packaged as a wedding invitation, sold nearly 5,000 copies locally.

After Brycemoor Music acquired the publishing for “Daughter Of Mine,” Anya and Larry began researching the wedding market, and began scouting other artists to cover the song.

“Daughter Of Mine” has since been become a favorite at weddings in the UK and Canada and become an internet sensation. A clip of the song posted by a fan has chalked up over 430,000 plays on YouTube to date. As well, there are thousands of sites praising the song.

"The one thing that's great about a wedding song is you get a shot at marketing it every year,” says Larry.

Over the decade, Brycemoor Music has concentrated on establishing “Daughter Of Mine” as an international wedding music standard; as well as establishing the songwriting careers of singer/songwriters, Joel Kroeker and Alana Levandoski; and managing Canadian blues sensation Little Miss Higgins who toured the UK last year with k.d. lang.

Following the release of his critically-acclaimed 2004 True North Records album “Melodrama,” Joel Kroeker performed alongside Sarah Harmer, Serena Ryder, Hawksley Workman, Colin Linden, Paul Kelly, and Randy Bachman.

Joel’s second album "Closer To The Flame" (2007) featured "Déjà vu" a French/English duet written and performed by Joel and Quebec star Dany Bédar. The track was a major hit in Quebec. Its video reached #1 at MusiMax video channel in 2007. Bédar has also recorded Joel’s song, “A Painted Face.”

A Kroeker co-write “Let It Ride” was featured on Jonas’ sophomore Deja Musique album “Suite Life” (2006) that has sold more than 50,000 copies to date.

Under Brycemoor Music, Manitoba singer/songwriter Alana Levandoski has recorded two albums: The ground-breaking "Unsettled Down” (2005) which initially bolstered her reputation as a significant international singer/songwriter; and “Lions & Werewolves,” (2009) produced by legendary UK producer Ken Nelson, which drew sizable critical acclaim in Canada and the UK.

A much in-demand songwriter, Alana has co-written with such leading country American songwriters as Quinn Loggins, Sam Ashworth, James LeBlanc, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Rachel Thibodeau, and Gary Nichols as well as with celebrated American roots/bluegrass songwriter Mark Simos.

In Canada, she has written with Sylvia Tyson, Serena Ryder, Colin Cripps, Liam Titcomb, Jay Semko, Simon Wilcox, Mark Makoway, and George Canyon.

In 2007, Brycemoor Music arranged for Alana to be featured on “Borrowed Tunes Two,” a two-CD musical tribute to Neil Young. It also featured Barenaked Ladies, Ron Sexsmith, Dave Gunning, Finger 11 and Chantal Kreviazuk.

The same year Alana was featured on the U.K. compilation "Bob Harris Presents" along with Alison Krauss, Cindy Bullens, John Prine, Billy Joel Shaver, and Kathleen Edwards.

"Alana Levandoski is as refreshing as an ice cold drink on a hot summer night,” says iconic Canadian singer/songwriter Jann Arden. “She has an old soul and it shows up in every single line she writes. Her music is about simple sentiment. LIving. Losing. Finding. Hear her music once and become a fan for life."


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